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Investing in Australian Property

Australia has been one of the world’s most consistent property markets over the past 30 years, providing secure returns in excess of 7% per annum over this period. The Australian property market has also experienced fewer years of decline than almost any other international property market.

When coupled with the fact that the Australian property market has shown an ability to resist downward shifts in prices, this allows investors to hold property over the long term with great confidence.

The Australian property market is underpinned by a strong and regular inflow of highly skilled migrants and a stable economic base that further ensures that the demand for Australian property continues to grow from both the influx of new arrivals and the increasing demand of the local market for quality Australian property.

A stable rental market also ensures that investors can readily obtain tenants for their property, essential for the long-term success of any investor.

Our primary focus is currently in Melbourne and certain suburbs of Sydney, due to a high yielding rental market, the potential for high capital growth, and stamp duty savings to foreign investors.

The East Coast we believe also offers an outstanding potential for capital growth over the coming years. Some parts of The Sunshine Coast such as Noosa or Coolum are relatively unknown to UK investors.

We are however not restricted or tied to any one particular developer and are currently looking as far West as Perth on behalf of our clients. This is primarily why UK based investors choose AIP to both advise on the suitability of an investment and handle the process for them.

Quote from one of the partners:

"The reason that the majority of British investors choose Australian Investment Property is quite simple, we offer independent advice on investment opportunities from the UK. Our expert knowledge means that clients can pick from an extensive selection of properties in Australia, without evening having to leave the UK."