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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who are AIP?

We are a UK based company who specialise in providing advice on Investment into the Australian property market.

2. How long have you been established?

We have been established since 2007.

3. What are your credentials?

We are Independent specialists. We know how and where to invest in the Australian property market and are members of the AIPP.

4. Do you have any endorsements?

Many of our partner investors continue to comment on both our excellent level of service and simple plain English approach.

5. What level of advice do you give?

This type of overseas investment is not regulated in the UK. We do however offer Independent Financial Advice as part of our service - from UK regulated Independent Financial Advisors.

6. Why should I invest in Australia property?

Australia has one of the strongest economies in the world. With Worldwide and local investment continuing to grow, the Australian economy is set to continue this trend for many years to come.

7. Where should I buy in Australia?

As experts in the Australian market we are able to advise clients based on their individual circumstances and what they wish to achieve.

8. Is the current financial climate affecting Australian property?

Is the current financial climate affecting Australian property? In the current global downturn, the Australia property market continues to produce consistently good growth areas.

9. What are the average rental yields?

Investment yields from rentals vary with location, but as an example an average of around 7.9% in Melbourne is common. So strong is the current rental market that we have rental guarantee periods on selected developments for up to two years.

10. What timescales are on your developments?

Our property types cover everything from newly completed townhouses to ready for rent apartments, through to off plan and exclusive pre-release opportunities. Some off plan properties can be available to purchase up to 3 years before they are built - allowing you to secure your investment at the best possible price!

11. How many developments do you have?

Our developments are governed by availability. We only market developments we feel represent excellent investment potential.

12. Do you have property with high capital growth?

Based again on Independent research it is likely that the Australian property market will see comparatively high growth over the short, medium and long term.

13. As a non resident how can I buy property in Australia?

Our unique ‘non resident investment package’ is designed specifically for UK based investors.

14. I have read that foreign buyers need Australian government approval before they can purchase property?

This is true, but AIP will ensure that all permissions are in place prior to exchange of your contracts.

15. Is there any limit on how many properties I can purchase?

No, but most developments have limited allocation for foreign investment, which sells out very quickly due to the current high demand.

16. Are there any tax benefits of buying in Australia?

Our advisers will explain the tax benefits available based on your individual circumstances.

17. Does stamp duty have to be paid in Australia?

Yes. Stamp duty varies from state to state, with huge savings on new build and off plan property in certain areas such as Melbourne.

18. How can I buy Australian property without leaving the UK?

Our UK based operation means we can handle all aspects of your investment, including purchasing here in the UK.

19. Why should I buy from you rather than an Australian company?

Most investors prefer our face to face service and advice, and dealing with a UK Ltd company. We have the ability to instantly reserve your investment property from here in the UK and handle all other aspects of the transaction.

20. How do I choose a suitable property without seeing it?

Our advisers will take you through every aspect of the investment properties in detail.

21. How many properties on each development do you have to choose from?

You have the same choices as local investors but there are a limited number of properties on each development for sale to foreign investors. This is regulated by the Australian government to protect resident investors, and homebuyers.

>22. How much deposit do I have to pay to secure a property?

Most properties can be reserved with a £2000 reservation fee.

23. How are the payments structured?

There are no staged payments. Approximately 6 weeks after receiving your initial reservation fee, we require a 10% deposit for the full value of the property on exchange of the contracts. The remaining balance is payable upon completion.

24. Do you provide financing such as loans or mortgages?

Yes, and we offer full Independent Financial Advice in this area.

25. What is the best way of financing my purchase?

Our advisers will talk you through the many options we have based on your situation and requirements.

26. I would like to invest but do not currently have the deposit available?

Many of our clients secure their investment using a ‘property bond’. This acts as your deposit and is a type of loan, which offers neutral interest when used in conjunction with our Australian property packages. We can arrange property bonds for clients here in the UK. Contact us for more information.

27. What is a multi currency mortgage?

A multi currency mortgage allows you to protect your investment planning from fluctuating currency rates.

28. What guarantees are there on my deposit money?

All deposits are secured, and guaranteed by your solicitor.

29. What guarantees are there on the development?

Australia has one of the most regulated property markets in the world and some of the most stringent codes of conduct when it comes to new build and off plan property developments.

30. Is there any compensation for a development going over the given time scale?

Usually yes. This is down to the individual contract or developer.

<31. Do I need an Australian solicitor?

Yes, and it is unlikely you will be able to find a UK solicitor who will specialise in Australian property law. We have several recommended solicitors who work with us but you are free to instruct a law firm of your own choice.

32. Do I need insurance on my property?

Yes, and we are happy to provide advice and competitive quotes on this.

33. Will there be any yearly charges on the property such as rates and community charges?

Any charges related to maintaining your property will be outlined in our prospectus.

34. What happens when I want to sell my investment property?

There are several options we can provide, including handling the entire transaction for you in the UK..

35. What standard is the finish on the developments?

We only provide property developments that are finished to the highest specifications.

36. What are the credentials of the property developers?

All developers are of the highest standards. We actively look for those with credentials and reputation for innovative and award winning designs.

37. It sounds like a great opportunity but I have so many more questions to ask?

Simply book an appointment with one of our advisers who will be happy to discuss your requirements in detail. Call 0845 077 1197 now.

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