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Australian Investment Property Ltd is not licensed to give financial advice. All information provided by Australian Investment Property Ltd is intended as general information regarding property or land and should never be treated as giving specific advice or recommendations.

This is standard practice with all property investment companies as the purchase of property as an investment is not regulated by the UK Financial Services Authority.

However, In an effort to offer a service unparalleled in the current market place and help protect you our client. Australian Investment Property Ltd only offer Investment Opportunity to clients we feel have sufficient knowledge to make an informed decision.

As part of our Terms of Business we insist on the following:

You can demonstrate that you are an experienced and sophisticated investor who fully understand the risks involved with this type of investment. Documented evidence of this will be required in all cases.

Secondly that you have or will take Independent advice from your Financial Representative, Accountant, Solicitor or other Professional Representative relating to your own particular needs and requirements before entering into any commitment.

If you do not have access to the above that you speak with our own FSA registered Financial Representatives in order to ensure that you fully understand the implications and potential risks involved with this type of investment.

While there is no necessity or required undertaking for us to do this. We have a background in the Financial Services Market and believe that treating customers fairly and with due diligence is the only way to ensure we offer you the client a service you can trust.

While this type of transaction does not currently fall under Financial Services Authority regulation, a fact that some investors are un aware of. We see no reason not to adhere to the standards of a regulated investment.